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Tools that we use
We use SoftVelocity ClarionŽ as programming language in our development. It's a perfect language with 25-year history.

Clarion is 4GL language that supports both procedural and object-oriented paradigms. Clarion is commonly used to develop database applications and systems.

It can access different database formats from dBase, Clipper and FoxPro to MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere due to using a mechanism of database drivers. It can interact with other RDBMS via ODBC driver. It also has its own database formats.

Another distinctive feature of Clarion is that IDE (Integrated Development Environment) use of "templates" which are used in conjunction with code generator to produce much of the repetitive, time consuming code that is typically required when producing an application. Advanced Clarion programmers can create their own templates, or edit the existing ones.

Both these advantages allow to consider Clarion as brilliant representavive of RAD (Rapid Application Development) systems.

Our tools
Some features that were used in our applications transform into separate products. These are products for developers who want to reproduce our functionality.

Now we introduce our new template for Clarion -- Tree Incremental Locator. This template adds a new feature to any listboxes (simple or tree-structured). Using this template will allow you to add incremental location for these controls.  > more

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